Here you will find a collection of my paintings. I primarily use Liquitex Acrylic paint. My style tends to lean more towards abstract and expressionism. I love lines and color! However, I do enjoy painting realistically on occasion.


This idea came from a training I went to for early childhood educators. These faces came to life from scribbles.


“City Scape”

In this piece was inspired by buildings I have taken pictures of. I sketched in the buildings then played with complementary colors when I painted it.



I used Neo Color II water soluble crayons to create this small piece. I love how vibrant the colors turn out when putting this medium directly on canvas.



This is another piece using Neo Color II’s. Circles are a common theme  in my work as you will see.



Showcasing my love for lines and bold color!

Please leave a comment if you are interested in purchasing any painting or have questions.

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