Week 04 Challenge

January Theme
The Blank Page and How to Face It!
January 24
Art Challenge:  Writing
Journal Prompt:  Words with Friends


Before I go into my process for this page, you need to know something about me. I am a pack rat. A keepsake keeper. A junk collector. That being said, for this challenge I went to my old shoe box labeled “High School” and pulled out several plastic baggies. What was in the baggies? Priceless pieces of binder paper. Before the age of texting, people did in fact pass notes back in forth in class to pass the time as teachers droned on and on about who knows what happened 5o years ago. I took a few of those memorable notes and started to rip them in half and collage them to the background of my two blank pages. When the glue had dried, and I finished reminiscing of the long ago crushes and who wore what, I did a wash of greens and yellows all over the page. I then found magazine pieces with groups of people, cut them out, and painted them black. I modge podged them to the bottom of my spread. I then added some purple around the edges of them and to the rest of the boarder of my pages. I found this fun quote, “Hanging with old friends and saying remember when…” I felt that was appropriate.

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