Week 30 Challenge

July Theme
July 25
Art Challenge: Real Life
Journal Prompt:  At this Moment

20150823_212450_resizedAfter reading through the Art to the 5th ladies interpretations for this prompt, I wanted to go a different way. I didn’t want to re-create a memory or write about anything of that sort. I got out my journal prompt cards and went to work.

20150823_204517_resizedI started with my layer of ephemera using bingo card, sewing patterns, an old cancelled check, old maps, some directions to something and sepia toned photo.

20150823_204539_resizedAfter all of my ephemera was glued down, I shuffled my card deck and pulled out the first one. I used pink, yellow, and sparkly green all over the surface using a credit card to spread it.

20150823_204833_resizedI used my heat tool to dry the area. I pulled the next card in which I used a charcoal pencil to draw circles and smudged them with my fingers.

20150823_205248_resizedNext card read Acrylic Paint. I pulled out white, black, and red. I used to the white to paint the circles and red to paint the very center of the circle. Black paint was used to paint some loose checkerboard lines. I mixed the red and white together and used the pink in different areas on the pages.

20150823_210255_resizedCopics was my next medium I pulled off the top of the deck. I used green on the circles and purple around the black lines I painted previously.

20150823_210714_resizedI used my finger to apply the gesso around and in the boxes formed by the black acrylic paint.

20150823_211344_resizedThe chalk pastels I used were light blue, yellow, and hot pink to add some high lights around the spread.

20150823_212125_resizedWith the last card I pulled, I used China Markers to add some green and orange marks on the pages.

I made these cards a while ago and haven’t used them much. It was nice to use them. I hope to create some videos using them sometime soon!

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