Week 29 Challenge

July Theme
July 18
Art Challenge: Photographs & Memories
Journal Prompt:  “All that I have to remember you”-Jim Croce


 20150823_190820_resizedI used a glue stick to adhere my ephemera to the two page spread.
I used old book pages and old sewing pattern instructions.

20150823_191455_resizedI pulled out gold and a cream colored acrylic paint and painted the top using a big chip brush.

20150823_184737_resizedI used Lorraine Bell‘s inspiration for using the packing tape transfer method.
I found a few pictures in an old magazine and put the packing tape on top of all the pictures,
making sure to use a credit card to press the tape as hard as I could into the tape.

20150823_191745_resizedWith a wet towel scrap, I then revealed the image by rubbing the wrong side of the tape.
The image reminded me of a negative from taking a picture.

20150823_200434_resizedThe images were surprisingly still sticky so I just adhered them to the page using my credit card.
To complete this spread, I used my big pitt brush pen and outlined the pictures and rubbed
them with my finger. I then made up stories for the photos and wrote them down
using a brown sharpie.

I really love how easy it was to create the packing tape images. I will definitely be trying this more often!

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