Week 24 Challenge

June Theme
Travel Journaling
June 13
Art Challenge: Recording Memories
Journal Prompt:  Taking the Road Less Traveled

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? No matter what road you are on, with kids, or by yourself. Someone is always asking this question! I didn’t have a specific memory I wanted to record so I just had some fun with maps and creating my own.

I started by taking 4 different map pieces and tearing them into two strips. I Mod Podged them vertically not really caring if there were overlaps or not.


 Next I shaped the existing bodies of water with blue and white acrylic paint. Then I formed some brown mountains and finished the rest with three different colors of green acrylic. It was a little therapeutic to blotch in the greens. Took a while, but it looks good!

After my paint had dried, I painted some squiggly gesso lines and painted them black to make roads complete with yellow dashes down the center.
I think went to my stash of vintage clip art and pulled out some cars and trucks and glued them down with Mod Podge.
I colored the vehicles with Copics.

Finishing touches were adding letter stickers!
I like how the maps underneath show up through the acrylic paint.

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