Week 21 Challenge

May Theme
Touchy Feely (Texture)
May 23
Art Challenge:  Cheesecloth
Journal Prompt:  Say Cheese


Cheesecloth? What’s that? After exploring the ladies pages on how they did their page, I learned it’s a fabric type gauze. I don’t have any cheese cloth and I didn’t feel the urge to run out and buy some. I posted to the DLP group on what else could one use. Someone suggested bandage gauze. Brilliant idea! Alas after a hunt through the first aide kit, I came up short handed. I didn’t want to use fabric, so I searched my happy mail box to see if someone had sent me something I felt like using, nope. Then I remember all the paper sample books I have, must have something in them! I found these fabric like easy to tear and stretch papers. 20150711_092403_resized

Before I could start Modge Podging these fancy papers down to my background, I needed a background!


I decided to use my cheap-o watercolors I have had since I was young to do the job!
I chose blues and yellows to cover the entire two page spread.

When that dried, I started to Mod Podge down the designed thin papers.
I stretched and pulled at them until the pages were mostly covered.

I felt in contrast to my soft background, it looked a little to harsh on the eyes.

So I mixed some gesso, turquoise paint, and some sparkle texture together
and brushed it on covering both pages.

For a little definition, I  squirted some white acrylic paint on the smooth parts
of the pages and just feathered it out into the textured spots.

After adding the white, it needed more color. So I painted on some pink splotches of Dylusions Bubble Gum Pink acrylic paint.
Thinking about the prompt, I thought I’d add a woman smiling for a camera. I sketched her on with a piece of charcoal.

It was then time to add color! I used acrylic paints to paint her. It was a little of a challenge.
My mixture of paint, gesso, and the sparkle texture, gave my surface a really gritty feeling.
While painting, chunks of the sparkle, I’m assuming, kept pulling off of the page.
I had to stop and brush the whole spread a few times to clear it.
I had fun trying to paint the mouth and teeth. She looks a bit masculine, but it’s okay. Learn for next time.

For the wordage, I found a little index card they would index the books at library’s with in my stash.
I used some left over paint from my woman’s face to paint it. I used some brown, then yellow and went around the edges in black.
I a used Pitt Big Brush Pen to write the words then outlined them in blue with a Pitt Artist Pen.
Since the texture came out gritty, I used glue dots to adhere the card to my journal.

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