Week 20 Challenge

May Theme
Touchy Feely (Texture)
May 16
Art Challenge:  Modeling Paste*
Journal Prompt:  Rising to the Occasion


Sometime back, I bought some course modeling paste. Never really tried it. Thank goodness for this prompt! Because my left side of my pages had teddy bear stitching from last weeks challenge, I took a piece of under paper I have been using for a few weeks and glued it to the page to cover up all the threads. I think took elements from the left side and painted them on the right side to make the two pages kind of match. I painted on some bright pink paint and yellow paint. I then used chalk pastels that matched the sprays I used on the opposite page and used a brush filled with water on top. I then took a light blue acrylic paint and a section on the right side of this spread. I got this cute houses stencil and mixed together pink paint with the course modeling paste. I carefully held the stencil still and slathered the modeling paste with a palette knife into the shapes on the stencil. When I carefully lifted the stencil, I was amazed. Totally adorable! While it dried, I got green and yellow acrylic and painted the bottom of the houses to look like they were on a hill. Impatient with the modeling paste taking forever to dry, I used my heat tool to speed up the process. It looked a little plain so I added some white gel pen scribbles all over the blue. I took a silver gel pen and colored in all what looked like windows and doors. I outlined the blue with my Pitt big brush pen and used a white big brush pen to scribble a little on the insides of where I created a cloud around the city. I feel like I need to add more to this, but I am kind of liking how it looks right now.

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