Week 15 Challenge

April Theme
Color Safari (Exploring Inks and Paints)
April 11
Art Challenge:  Acrylics
Journal Prompt:  Cry Me a River


When hearing “Cry me a river”, how can one not think of Justin Timberlake? I know I can’t! I found an image of Mr. Timberlake online from when he sang the Cry Me a River song. I sketched it out on my ungessoed background. I then painted it with acrylic paints. I was working on this while it was lying flat in front of me. I am wishing I painted and worked on it at a little bit of an angle because the whole time I was painting, I thought it looked JUST like him. As soon as I turned the book upright, I noticed his chin is just waaaay too big. Oh well. And there’s just something about his lips. They don’t look quite right. Over all, it was pretty fun to paint him. For the background I laid down some different blue washi tapes I had. Then I picked a couple different blue acrylic paints and messily painted them down. Lastly, I used stickers for the words and then doodled with sharpie underneath them.

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