Week 12 Challenge

March Theme
Making Your Mark (Doodles & Mark Making)
March 21
Art Challenge:  As a Focal Point
Journal Prompt:  Coming into Focus


 When I think of focal point, I think of perspective. As a child I spent many of my afternoons and early evenings at the local library. My mom worked late and it was too far to walk home everyday so I would walk to the library after school. There was one book I would always look at that taught you how to draw perspective. I practiced all the time in my little notebooks. So I found it fitting for this spread. I drew a simple watercolor rainbow on the top half. I then drew a dot in the middle of brightest yellow I used and starting drawing the road off of it. Then I did some simple telephone poles, one of the first things the book taught you how to do. I used acrylic paint for the road, grass, and telephone poles. I used two different greens, two yellows, and a brown paint to make the grass in which I just layered short brush strokes on top of each other. While this was all drying, I searched for a good quote to use. I came across, “Shift your focus from the past to the future.” A simple reminder that the past is in the past, you can never go back so why not look towards the new things to come. So on our road to life and we can keep our sights on reaching that magical rainbow and just keep on truckin’. I used gesso to paint the letters then outlined and doodled in the letters with sharpie.

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