Week 25 Challenge

June Theme
Travel Journaling
June 20
Art Challenge: Hometown Inspiration
Journal Prompt:  There is no place like home


     How does one represent their hometown? I chose to do a college of things I loved from growing up in Guerneville, California. I grew up on the river and loved every minute of it! I started with a gessoed spread. The purple dinosaur was done using Gelatos. He is from Pee Wee Golf. Lots of summers and time spent putt putting before all the flooding happened.  The Bridge at the top is painted with water color for the sky and acrylic for the bridge. This is the old bridge in Guerneville. The Bridge was closed and a new one was built. Now people can walk over it instead of drive. The pizza,  done with prisma sticks, represents MANY hours spent playing video games and eatin’ pizza at Jerk’s Pizza which is sadly no longer there. At the bottom there is a murky water colored river flowing with a black tire inner tube. During the summer my mom would always take us to Johnson’s Beach to swim and tube. The left top has a rainbow to represent the many weekends of tourists and visitors coming to enjoy themselves, where they could be their selves. The water colored books represent the Guerneville Library where I walked to after school and spent plenty of hours reading, homeworking, and waiting for my mom to pick me up when she got off work. The black and white pen is none other than the famous Taco Truck with the best veggie burritos I have still ever had. I remember sometimes getting one for free! The gator is painted with acrylic paint and is for Guerneville Elementary School where I spent 10 years going to school. I was lucky enough to get to witness a lot of change in the school from the demolition of their older buildings to the building of the gym/cafeteria. Flavors Unlimited is shown by the ice cream. You could get any candy mixed into your ice cream and if you got a waffle cone, there were always little marshmallows at the bottom of the cone. I used smooth ceramic texture and painted over it with acrylic paint to get the ice cream texture. I used colored pencils for the cone. Last but not least, Guerneville 5 & 10. So many trips to this store to pick up fun coloring books and to check and see if your Halloween picture mad it up in the window. I used acrylic paints and a sharpie to do the letters.

This was a fun trip down memory lane deciding what to add to my journal page.

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