I’ve always had a love for art. I remember every Christmas and Birthday, my brothers and mom would always get me one of those art sets that had a couple watercolors, a couple pencils, and a couple markers. I created all the time. I earned an art award in 8th grade at our graduation, total surprise! My friends and I were actually chanting a friend’s name, but they called mine instead! I continued to do art in high school, bargaining with my mom, “If I take algebra for an elective, can I take a drawing class, too?”  My freshman year of high school, I got introduced to this program called ArtStart. They PAID youth, to paint art for the city with local artists as mentors. Such an amazing program for young artists. As a young adult, I could tell people that a bench they were sitting on was painted by none other than myself. I worked there every summer. My senior year I became a teachers assistant for my favorite art teacher Mrs. McGowan. My senior project was about teaching an art lesson. I was awarded one of three art awards at my high school graduation. My art teacher, Mrs. McGowan encouraged me to go to Humboldt State University to become an Art Teacher. I wanted to be just like her! When I was accepted into Humboldt, the only college I applied to, I was so ecstatic! I was put on the art teaching track my first semester and met some really awesome people who were there with me till the end. At the end, my heart changed it’s path. I didn’t want to work with high schoolers anymore. I wanted to work with young children. As part of the program I was in, we had to create a lesson plan and teach it a group of children in 8 weeks. I was in the 5 and 6 year old group. One of the kids, I still remember, called out, “I’ve used pastels, my sister has a collection of them.” After that, I was sure I wanted to work with younger children. When I graduated, I took some time to myself, as most clueless college graduates do. I worked for ArtStart for my last year. A woman donated her entire handmade card business to ArtStart. ArtStart didn’t really have an avenue for the cards, so it was then gifted to me as kind of a send off into the art world, I supposed. For years I lived with piles upon piles of paper in my room. I did a few craft shows and sold some cards here and there while working at the YMCA with kids. Soon I stepped out into the big world and am now a preschool teacher. We do art all the time and I am finding more time in my days to do more work. I am always looking for a fair or show to put my work up at.

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