Abstract Exercise with Prompt Cards

Finished piece

This morning I was feeling a little uninspired. I sat at my art table listening to body positive ted talks and just staring around at all my art supplies. Nothing came to mind, even though I really wanted to make something.

Years ago, I made my own prompt cards to help aid creating spontaneous art. I put things on then such as: acrylic paint, collage, China markers, black lines, etc.

I saw them on the shelf next to me and decided I would use them! I turned to a fresh page in my sketch book and shuffled the cards.

I flipped over the first card, it said “watercolor pencils” so I chose 3 colors and drew some shaded circles. Next I wet a paint brush and swirled it on the paper on top of the circles I just drew.

Next card read “gesso”. I took out my small jar of Artist Loft White Gesso and started to paint splotches around my circles making sure to not paint over the circles.

Third card read “Neocolor”. Neocolor is my ultimate all time favorite water soluble crayons. They are so vibrant and smooth! I framed the piece a little with adding purple to one corner and green to the other. I decided to stick with the circle theme. I drew a bunch of circles inside the frame using yellow. After I drew it all out, I took my paint brush and wetted the neocolor onto the paper.

When that dried, my next card I flipped read “palette knife”. I used a smaller pallet knife and randomly chose 3 liquitex colors from my paint drawer; blue, purple, and orange.

The fifth card said “acrylic paint”. I reached into a different paint drawer and pulled out 3 colors; green, tan/peach, and clear glitter (heck ya). I painted some new circles and painted some previous circles in. I also painted some lines in some empty spaces.

Lastly, “watercolor” card came up. I pulled out my super cool 20 plus year old watercolors that I pulled out of one of those artist sets you get when your young. You know, the one with like 5 markers, 5 colored pencils, etc? Ya, still have the watercolors from it! They still give off very bright bold colors and that’s what I love. I outlined some more circles and painted in some blank spots.

The next card I pulled said “collage paper”. I looked back at what I have created thus far and decided I did not want to add collage to this and declared it done!

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