As I was sitting at my art desk, pondering what to do, I saw a little container of old used stamps.

I pulled them out and scattered them on the desk above my sketch book. I pulled out and opened my jar of modge podge. I found an older paint brush and started to college the stamps down in my sketch book. It was fun to look through them and also a little sad to see how inexpensive mailing something used to be!

When the stamps were all attached to the paper, I used gesseo over them leaving some spots more painted than others.

Next I got two shades of blue paint and white paint and painted the background. I used a lot of water with the paint to try and have the stamps show through the background.

When the background dried, I started the flowers. I painted circles upon circles until they were the size that I liked.

After the circles dried, I started to paint the details. This part took a big chunk of the morning!

I am really happy how these turned out. I love their simplistic nature. Reminds me of flowers we would draw as children.

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