Mandala Art

Click on the photo to see a time lapse video of how it was created

This is a mandala I created myself. Mandala means circle and symbolize that life is ever ending. Most mandalas are symmetrical. If you were to cut it in half. One side would have exactly what the other side has.

I find mandalas very therapeutic to create as the circle shape is very calming. I love creating my own patterns with in them and finding the perfect color scheme.

I used a compass to draw the circle and to create some of the designs. A ruler was used to make all the small lines shown. When it was all sketched out in pencil, I outlined the design in black pen then erased all the unneeded pencil marks. I used sharpies to color it in because I love how vibrant they turn out.

Materials: sharpies, pencil, eraser, compass, Faber castell black pen, and a ruler

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