I’d Rather Be At The Beach…

A few months back, I tried out one of those paint by number canvases. While visiting a friend of mine, I saw she was painting one and I was intrigued. It was very tedious but oh so fun.

Do you remember doing color by numbers as a child?

I know I did! This was like the adult version. Painting tiny numbered spaces with corresponding colors. It was like a search and find. I would finish all the 1s and be half way done with the 3s and find more 1s. It turned into a game almost.

This took a few good weekends to finish as there were over 20 colors. I would definitely try another one again. Maybe a copy of a famous painting! They have all kinds of designs.

I ordered this off Amazon and do not recall the name of the company. When it arrived, the preprimed canvase was folded to fit in the box (not to happy about that because it was very creased). I decided to stretch it on canvase bars. I did my best to stretch it even. It came out a little wonky but it was fine in the end.

The kit also came with 2 dinky paint brushes (I used my own), small paint containers for all the colors needed, and a larger drawing of the painting (I case you need to see what number went where after painting over it).

Below are progress photos after each color I painted.

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