Stop and Smell the Flowers

This flower was inspired by a photo posted by Full Bloom Flower Farm on Instagram.

I came across this beauty of a flower on Full Bloom Flower Farm‘s Instagram page. The purple and blue hues of the flower were so bright and vibrant I couldn’t resist trying to capture it!

Like most things I try to recreate. I sketched out the flower with pencil in my sketch book.

I really love bold lines so I outlined the flower petals with a black pen. Then, erased the pencil marks to begin to lay in color with my water colors (Angora Watercolors)

I worked on one petal at a time with this flower. I dipped my brush into the water and wet a single petal. I started with purple, and then layered blues, and eventually pink on top for high lights. I worked counter clock wise with the petals until they were all painted.

After being satisfied with the flower itself, I decided it needed some kind of background. I chose a light green color to help give the flower more of a pop. When the flower was completely dry, to prevent unwanted bleeding, I wet around the flower with water then laid down the green. I tried to make it fan out to be lighter around the edges.

I really really like this flower! I feel like I’m getting more comfortable with using watercolors and really starting to enjoy them!

What are your thoughts?

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