The Brave and The Confidant!

Inspired by an Instagram post of Asia Monet

While blinding scrolling through Instagram, as we all do, I came across this image of a plus size model named Asia Monet. I’ve been following her for ever since I saw her posing in plus size bikinis from Curvy Beach. Her confidence amazes me!

I loved the soft look on her face and confidence she radiates. This pose also brought me back to my college days of figure drawing.

I started this piece by sketching the image out in my recycled paper sketch book with a pencil (Paper Mate Sharpwriter #2).

Once I was satisfied with proportions, I outlined the pencil marks with a pen (Faber Castell Pitt F Artist Pen Black).

Next, I erased all the pencil marks with a standard eraser in small circular motions.

When the eraser crumbs were brushed away, I opened my favorite watercolors (Angora Watercolors). I first planed on just laying down solid color blocks to paint her, but I tried my hand at blending with the watercolors. I honestly do not have much practice with watercolors. I’ve only used them here and there for simple painting projects in the past.

I wet the paper with clean water and made sure my water color cakes were well watered so that my colors would flow. I started with brown and painted her whole body. I then went back with a tan/yellow color to add some tone to her skin and a light tan color for highlights. When the edges were mostly dry, I painted her hair black. Lastly, I added a little red to her cheeks and lips.

I am very happy with how this turned out because of my lack of watercolor skills. What do you think?

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