An Afternoon By The Water…

My drawing on top. Mom’s on the bottom.

My mom recently went to a colored pencil class. She was taught techniques on how to use the colored pencils while drawing in a botanical garden. Sounds like fun, right? So this year for her birthday, I thought it would be fun to have a picnic somewhere and plop ourselves down to draw. I’ve always loved looking at the boats and the waterfront in Vallejo so I thought that would be a fun place!

After eating our tasty Whole Foods salami sandwiches and munching on some blue corn chips, we were fueled enough to begin!

Faber-Castell pen on gessoed book page

  The yacht club was fairly peaceful yesterday afternoon. I chose to first use a pen and draw on top of a page in an altered book that had been
gessoed. The proportions are almost there! While drawing this, two ducks kept swimming by. It was really cute.

Faber-Castell big brush pen on book page.
Faber-Castell big brush pen on book page.

         The next  boat I drew, I used a brush tipped pen right on a book page. I had to use my creative license with this one as I did not want to draw the dock around it. I will probably add color to this one at a later date.

 When my mom finished her boat sketch, we packed up our things and headed across the bridge to Mare Island. I had remembered there was a nice quiet park that had a few War artifacts in it. There were also amazing old buildings that we could draw.

Water color and Faber Castell pen on mixed media paper.
Water color and Faber Castell pen on mixed media paper.

 Seating was a little bit of a problem. All of the benches in the little park were facing undesirable directions for drawing anything. We decided to sit at the top steps of the gazebo slap dab in the middle of the park. Nice view from up high. I took a liking to the building on the left, an old brick factory building of some kind. I started with watercolors and when it dried, I did black pen on top.

Faber-Castell fine tipped pen.
Faber-Castell fine tipped pen.

It was a lovely afternoon spent with my mom. I am going to try to get out more
and draw the things that I see. I am really fond of the first boat I drew and the brick building.


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